Indian organic tea




Owner: Murali Subramanian, purchased the farm 8 years ago.

Location: Nilgiri Mountains, India. 2000m above sea level

Farm size: 2 ha

This small single estate farm of only 2 hectares immediately won me over. After hearing their story I was dedicated to have their teas in my store and give everyone a chance to try this remarkable tea from these amazing tea artisans - they truly have a heart of gold.

The tea plants on this farm are 30 years, and the farm was purchased by the current owners eight years ago. The plants are of China Plant variety (sinensis sinensis). They have adapted to the Nilgiri mountains very well and developed their own distinct flavor. With small, thin leaves it is more than suitable for producing high quality tea.

The teas are produced 100% organically with an Indian organic certification and the owner practices sustainable farming methods. Tea is picked by hand, processed daily in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and highest quality. Sustainability, whether related to the health of the soil, plants or people, is key in everything this farm does.

Single Estate India has over 500 silver oak trees on their farm that contribute to the unique taste, and offer shade for the tea plants. The fallen leaves act as a natural fertilizer, and the trimmings of the trees are used as firewood for the tea processing, bringing forth a unique flavor to their teas. The farm is totally self-sufficient.

The farm is run by eight employees who are guaranteed year-round work, which is rare, as the tea season only lasts six months. The owners provide a home for the employees in the farm house. They also pay their employees well above the market rate, provide annual bonuses and cash advances, and offer many other kind of help. Employee well-being really is a matter of pride to them.


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