my stockists

Here I proudly present my fabulous stockists! They are the best in the country and truly share my ethical and qualitative values.


Restaurants and cafes


Restaurant Demo, helsinki

This Michelin restaurant offers down-to-earth experience for people to meet, spend time and laugh together. After receiving international attention, Demo was the first bistro-styled restaurant in Finland to receive a Michelin Star recognition. And it has held it since 2007.



restaurant nolla, helsinki

This restaurant wants to rethink the restaurant industry, as I want to rethink the whole tea industry. Match made in heaven!

"Our goal is to have the first real zero-waste restaurant in Helsinki, Finland. We focus concentrating on the best, local and organic produce. We want to involve other restaurants in our practices and together strive to minimize and eliminate waste.




restaurant grön, helsinki

Grön is a Michelin-restaurant that focuses on plant-based and inspiring food that has a strong emphasis on high-quality. 

The food is based on seasonal, organic, wild and the Scandinavian produce. What grows now determines their menu. 

Restaurant Wild, helsinki

The Michelin chef Jouni Toivanen has his restaurant inside the world's biggest Finnish design and fashion store, TRE.

This ethical thinking restaurant focuses on wild ingredients with a modern approach. Great tasting dishes that stays true to the main ingredient. 



restaurant savoy, helsinki

Savoy is an iconic restaurant in the heart of Helsinki and has been making culinary history for 80 years. This restaurant is a well-known timeless classic with an impressive tea menu.