Tea Course pt. I (Finnish)

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This course introduces you to the fascinating world of tea in a easy-to-follow and understandable manner. This has the basic information about tea that I find the most helpful to begin with. I'm comparing quality tea side by side with bulk tea to get a better understanding on the concept of quality tea.


  • TEA 101
    • tea vs tisane
    • tea processing
    • tea origin
    • speciality tea
    • the tea plant  
    • processing steps explained
    • presenting the different tea types
    • differences between teas 
    • rules to tea brewing
    • basic tea brewing recipes
    • storing tea at home

This course can be bought either with or without tea samples, so you can choose if you'd like to taste the teas together with me. I'll be brewing four different teas in this course where I show how to brew each tea type, what to look for in the leaf, aroma and taste.

After the finished course you can ask questions and you'll get a certificate.

After you've finished this course you'll have much more in-depth knowledge about tea. The next step could be to take Tea Course pt. II, where we'll be focusing more on the more niche parts of tea:

  • the sensory side - how the sensory experience can reveal about the quality of the leaf, brewing, aroma and taste
  • the chemistry side - how tea leaf is built, caffeine and health effects of tea
  • the brewing comparison - the Eastern way vs the Western way of brewing

Here, again, you can choose the course with teas or without.