Red Hibiscus herbal tea

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This is a beautiful tisane, a herbal infusion which is naturally caffeine-free. It contains beautiful hibiscus flowers from a Malawi small farmer and the flavour could be described as rasberry and lingonberry. When brewed shorter, the sweet notes are more present, when brewed longer, the acidic notes take more place. Because tisanes don't contain any tea, they don't get bitter, so feel free to brew however you like to find your favorite!

Tasting notes: Hibiscus flower tastes a bit like lingonberry, though a bit sweeter.

Brewing: 1,5g flowers / 1 dl water. 95C for 1.30 min (this is to create a more raspberry aroma, you can definitely brew it longer if you want more lingonberry-like flavours)

Origin: Single Origin Satemwa, Malawi. The farm size is appr. 0,5 ha per farmer

Picking date: 30.10.2021

Altitude: 1003m

Amount: 60g


This limited tisane comes in a biodegradable cellulose bag.