Nilgiri Black

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Slow grown in high altitude, where the aromas have developed to the maximum, this tea is a true delicacy. The tea has a light and complex body, filling your whole mouth with complex aromas.

No milk allowed, as it would cover all of the gentle, elegant flavors that you really want to taste!

Tasting notes: Deep flavors appear in this well-balanced light black tea with floral notes, grilled nectarine, sweet caramel, almond, chamomile, pine, and with a soft finish. 

Process: Orthodox method with hand-picked two leaves and a bud, carefully withered, wood fired. Only lightly oxidized so the amazing vanilla and floral aromas come forth. Whole leaves. Organic farming with Indian organic certification

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 95C for 1.30 min

Origin: Single Estate Neelamalai, Nilgiri Mountains, India. The farm size is approx. 2 ha.

Altitude: 2000m

Picking: 1.6.2022

Product size: 60g


There's two different options to choose: a regular 60g paper package or a 60g refill bag. When ordering refill bags you save the nature with less packaging materials and due to less weight the delivery releases less carbon dioxide. 


For Finnish customers: 
Sisältö: Mustaa teetä 
Innehåll: Svart te