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Tea connoisseurs know Lapsang Souchong, a Chinese smoked tea. Well, this is the Malawi tribute to the classical tea. The tea makers in Malawi are really owning it, as they smoke the tea leaves using local guava tree leaves. This creates an amazing sweetness, and the smokiness is not by all means taking over, but adding a really interesting and delicious vibe to the tea.

Top wine sommeliers compare it to whisky-like flavors, it's a must to try!

Tasting notes: Well-balanced sweet smoked black tea with notes of vanilla cigar, rich spiciness, amber, butterscotch, bonfire, allspice, nutmeg, bay leaf

Process: Orthodox method, pesticide-free Fair Trade farming, two leaves and a bud, a bit lighter oxidation (like a very dark oolong). To create the interesting unique taste the tea is smoked using guava tree leaves which adds only a subtle, sweet smokiness to tea. Whole leaves

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 95C for 1.30 min

Origin: Single Origin cooperative Satemwa, Thyolo, Malawi. The farm size for each small farmer is approx. 05, ha

Altitude: 1003m

Picking: 30.6.2018

Best before: 30.06.2020

Product size: 60g


There's three different options to choose: a regular 60g paper package, a refill bag or a monthly subscription of this tea in refill form, with -20% off the price. When ordering refill bags you save the nature with less packaging materials and due to less weight the delivery releases less carbon dioxide.

The subscription can be canceled after two months. The subscribed tea comes automatically to you every month, and we'll create an invoice for you to accept before sending the tea, until you email us that you want to cancel.


For Finnish customers: 
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