Highland White

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This big, leafy beautiful white tea comes from a slow oxidizing cultivar that contributes an extra full-bodied and a deliciously sweet cup. This is white tea in its essence, and its distinct aromas leave a long, good aftertaste in your mouth.

Tasting notes: Delicate and full-bodied rich notes of sweet peach, young pear, rosehip, creamy coltsfoot, lemon and citrus flavors developing subtly after each steep

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 70C for 1.30 min

Process: Orthodox method with hand-picked two leaves and a bud, partly sun, partly shade-dried. This results in more oxidation, which gives the tea more developed and full-bodied aromas, as well as giving it a bit stronger mouthfeel. Whole leaves. Pesticide-free Fair Trade farming

Origin: Single Origin Satemwa cooperation, Thyolo, Malawi. The small farmers own approx. 0,5 ha each.

Picking date: 30.10.2021

Altitude: 1003m


Product size: 25g

Notion! These tea leaves are bigger than most of the tea drinkers are used to, and they need a big filter. So please make sure you have the proper tea filter to brew your teas with, otherwise you can't properly brew your tea with the right amount of leaves. You can check our filters by clicking here


There's two different options to choose: a regular 25g paper package or a 25g refill bag. When ordering refill bags you save the nature with less packaging materials and due to less weight the delivery releases less carbon dioxide. 


For Finnish customers: 
Sisältö: Valkoista teetä 
Innehåll: Vitt te