Glass server + exclusive tea

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A must have for all tea lovers: the famous tribute tea Tai Ping Hou Kui (one of the top 10 teas in China) and a glass server to brew the gorgeous leaves in.

The glass server with its airtight lid is perfect for coffee or tea. It maintains the temperature for a long period of time and with its modern design it's a great addition to your tea or coffee brewing equipment.

This is your chance to try out one of the famous Chinese tribute teas. It's almost once in a lifetime opportunity, as this batch is very limited. Brewing tea in this glass filter is like match made in heaven. You don't need any separate tea filter with this server as the leaves are so big that they stay inside the server when pouring out the tea. The tea liquid looks so beautiful because the teapot is made of glass.

About the tea: This one is my absolute favourite - a green tea by the name Tai Ping Hou Kui. With its long and beautiful green leaves the brewing process is a joy to look at, enhancing the whole tea experience. 

Tai Ping Hou Kui has been selected as one of the top ten teas in China and it comes from Anhui region. This is a first harvest picked in April from a tea garden that is decades old. It's roasted carefully, preserving all amazing delicate orchid fragrance with a mellow taste. The leaves are then laid by hand on smooth paper and pressed between the paper sheets so they become flat and open fully.

In a glass, the leaf gracefully sways in the water. The tea leaves need to be brewed in a larger vessel due to the length of the leaves, and they need to be added after the water, so that they slowly start to release their flavour. 

This price includes one glass server from Timemore and 20g of Tai Ping Hou Kui.