Tea Basics 01 - Tea plant

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I'm posting some tea knowledge in a nut shell. The purpose of this is to spread to joyful message of tea and get everyone's basic information on the same page, as there are quite a lot of misinformation and confusing theories of tea. I try to make it as simple and understandable as possible! I'll start with the basics, so everyone keeps up and can form a general picture of the wide subject of tea :) So I won't tell absolutely everything about one subject in the Basic series, as this will only confuse people that want to get a general understanding of tea.

After the basic information I'll go to Advanced series, where I'll post more information that goes deeper to each subject and here I list trivial information and exceptions as well. Basically this is nice, interesting facts about tea that you can enjoy and tell to your friends as fun facts! :) 

Please, feel free to comment, ask anything and suggest new subjects to post about!

Hopefully you find this helpful!