The other side of tea

This is so important, and the core reason why I started my own business. This isn’t happening only in India, it’s happening everywhere in the tea producing countries, from slavery to child labor and inhumane working conditions. I hope you share this, so that everyone could see the both sides to tea industry and the weight of this message. We can change it for the better through our purchasing decisions.

Please take your time and get to know the company values and what they stand for before you make a decision to buy. Don’t solely rely on certificates or marketing phrases like ”Superior quality”. There’s so much to it, quality isn’t all black and white. Many tea sellers take the easy road and choose certified tea without getting so involved on the conscious side of tea production. This kind of laziness enables the state we’re in now. The great companies that really are making an effort tell you everything about the tea AND about the farm and workers, because there’s nothing to hide and they really are interested of people’s well-being.

Here are my thoughts on this video:
-mass production creates so much pressure on the pickers. Quality of the work and the product itself will be compromised. In mass production it is the quantity that matters, not the quality. And like in all mass production: money talks and it is the workers that suffer from that.
-don’t blindly believe the certificates. When it comes to international big certification corporations the certificates actually don’t tell anything about the quality of the tea. Oftentimes the certifiers won’t have the possibility to visit or inspect the estates and therefore can’t ensure that the conditions they are promising to consumers are fulfilled
-quality tea doesn’t guarantee social justice or better working conditions. Many buyers don’t feel responsible for the low wages. There I think they are wrong. In my opinion we as buyers need to be sure that our purchases won’t contribute to inhumane working conditions
-you don’t need pesticides to produce tea. Please choose organically farmed tea (it doesn’t have to have a certificate, just familiarize with the tea seller and make background checks before you buy. The most organic certificates cost a fortune to a small tea farmer and often they don’t have the possibility to have a certificate)
-I’m so glad I’ve found my farmers that are really making a difference. Their teas are among the best in the world and they are devoted to create better living conditions, provide a proper wage and protect the environment. They are doing so much more than any certificate promises and they do it because they really care. Not to get a marketing advantage. This is so important to me, and hope you got something out of this as well.

Petra AhlmanComment