Blue Pea x lavender herbal tea

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This beautiful herbal is a must to try. With combining blue pea flowers with wild and organic lavender flowers the flavour is just delicious! It's intense blue colour takes you to another world, and by adding a hint of lemon juice the liquid turns purple: a sure way to wow your guests!

With the blue tea comes an additional pouch of lavender to balance the flavour: so you can use them together or separately. Just add a teaspoon of lavender to the blue pea flowers to create a fresh and floral taste, with elegant vegetal notes.

The blue pea flowers come from a few farms located about ten kilometers from Jakarta. They are held by Buddhists, which is rather rare in this country of Muslim faith. The flowers grow on a very fertile land, where the runoff of rainwater on the lower slopes of volcanoes transports minerals in quantity that the earth recovers

A handful of professional pickers who draw their know-how from ancestral methods grow the lavender with the greatest respect for local biodiversity. They also participate in the reintroduction of plants into their natural environment.

This is a herbal so it's decaf.


Contents: whole blue pea flowers + lavender flowers

Origin: Blue pea comes from Java, Indonesia. The fine lavender comes from Languedoc, France.

Dosage: 0,6g (1 tablespoon) blue pea + 0,4g (1 teaspoon) lavender per 2dl of boiling water. Brewing time: 1,5 minutes.