White porcelain gaiwan

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Brew your tea the Eastern way and get more out of your tea!

With this gaiwan you can brew your tea multiple times, up to 5 times. The leaf to water ratio is higher than the traditional Western way, and brewing time is much shorter. This way you divide the flavours to high, middle and low notes, being able to taste all the nuances of your tea, with the changing flavour after each brew! You can taste the first high notes, and the last low notes separately, which normally would be covered by the stronger middle notes.

The gaiwan comes with a small tea cup (50ml), lid and a saucer.

A suggestion for tea brewing recipe with gaiwan:

-2-3g per tea per gaiwan

-20 seconds infusion, adding the time with a couple of seconds every time (the temperature of the water depends on your tea, read the instructions on the tea package)

Use the lid to pour the liquid in a separate cup, this way it filters out the tea leaves which remain in the cup, ready for the next brewing. You can enjoy all these brewings separately or by combining all of them together to get a more wholesome picture of the tea.

When the tea leaves are fully open, you know that the tea has given everything it has. But try at least 3 times in order to get the three different profiles of tea (high, middle, low notes).

This way of brewing tea enables you to be more present in your tea brewing process as well, adding mindfulness in your life.