What's the deal with masala chai?

Our masala chai is the only flavoured tea we offer, and here I want to open up the subject why this beautiful tea got their place in our uncompromising tea selection.

Masala chai = spiced tea, often called as chai tea (which is a bit wrong, I have to say, as chai means tea, so that's basically saying "tea tea", that's why I'm using the term masala chai), is a black tea spiced normally with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black pepper. 

When you taste our masala chai, you instantly understand that this is something you've never tasted before. You definitely don't need to be a tea connoisseur to understand that this is the highest level of flavoured teas out there.

masala chai

I've never before seen a masala chai that's been flavoured with spices that are all grown in the same area as the tea. This means the tea and spices are in perfect balance with each other. The tea blending is made exceptionally well. Normally the spices come from all over the world (ginger comes from China, cinnamon from Egypt etc.) and they all are competing with each other. But now, the tea and all spices have the same growing conditions (soil, climate, seasons etc) and this results in a VERY clear cup.

Most often masala chai is made from a black tea base that's made as strong as humanly possible. There multiple teas from different origins like China, India and Africa are blended together to create a very strong black tea. So not only is the tea competing with the spices, the tea is having a war of its own within different teas that are in the blend! No wonder people often add milk to their chai, because they think it rounds up the flavours and makes it smoother to drink.. 

Besides strong tea base, chai is often made with ground spices and / or added aromas that are very strong when you brew them with boiling water. It creates a mixture of different flavours where everyone is screaming equally loud. They tend to take over the show, making the tea's role merely accessory. That's why you need to create the tea base even stronger. There you have a vicious circle, and in the end you definitely won't taste all the classic spices separately, but shouting together with the strong tea, and most often the strongest ones, like cinnamon, win and that's why chai is often sold as the Christmas tea in the Western countries.

So if you haven't yet tasted our masala chai, I urge you to do that now. A very delicate and beautiful black tea, where the organic spices are left whole, supporting the flavour of the tea. This is a perfect match not made in heaven, but in India, 2000m above sea level, so it's almost like heaven.