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Direct trade tea - uncompromising in quality and ethics

Our teas are the highest quality in the world, produced with expertise and love.

Equally as important for us are sustainable and ethical practices. Our teas are direct trade, meaning they come directly from small farms, with no middlemen.

We want to show the importance of transparency. Without a direct connection to the origin, it's impossible to know whether the environment or the employees are cared for.

"What a taste, there's so much depth!"

Head sommelier, Michelin-star restaurant Demo

"Never really understood white tea, but this tasted amazing! I've got to buy this."

Our tea course participant

"The teas have been popular and very much appreciated"

Cafe Sävy, one of The Seventh Cup resellers

"We loved your products"


Always the freshest teas

Our teas are picked upon order so they are always seasonal, minimizing the shelf time to preserve the fragile aromas.

Gift card

Want to indulge a special one with luxurious teas? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea to any tea lover!