• Premium teas directly from small farms

Premium teas directly from small farms

Premium teas with a big impact!

The highest quality teas in the world. Direct from small farmers.

Product quality = production's quality. That's why we buy our teas directy from tea farms with full transparency in order to ensure social and environmental responsibility.

Our teas are better for the planet and people. We want to open the world
of tea for everyone. It all starts with transparency.

Welcome to our world of tea!

Drink your way into the knowledge!

With the help of our vast background in tea education we want to make it easy to understand why our tea is the finest quality with the highest ethics in the market.

Our packages tell you all about the tea farm, tea processing, flavour notes with simple brewing instructions.

Get curious and increase your tea knowledge just by drinking tea!

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"This is the best tea I've ever tasted"

One of the coffee festival participants

"What a taste, there's so much depth!"

Head sommelier, Michelin-star restaurant Demo

"Never really understood white tea before, but this tasted amazing! I've got to buy this (after tasting our Shade White tea)"

Our tea course participant

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